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Adventures in Public Transit

Well, I'm on BART heading for Richmond, with two more scrapes than I expected.

[Wow, they have a Thinkpad T40 now. That's okay, I like Macavity.]

Anyway, I thought my BART train was arriving, and the people behind me on the escalator were in a hurry. I thought my train was arriving despite knowing that my train left at 12:03. So...trying to exit an escalator in a hurry is a *bad* idea, especially when you've got 50 pounds of stuff in odd configurations. My Birks are loose (I really should tighten them)and I didn't quite gauge the off escalator point in a hurry, and you an probably guess what happened.

One shoe got caught on the edge of where the escalator edge is, and et voila, over I went. I suddenly stopped the people behind me who were in a hurry, because they saw me fall over. They kept asking if I was okay. And I am, I just bumped my right knee and right elbow, so the knee is slightly bruised and the elbow lost a bit of skin, but I didn't hit my head (even if I lost the ballcap in the fall), and I was honestly more worried about how Macavity had survived. But since I'm writing this on Macavity, I think you can see that the answer is pretty damn well.

Now I just need to check the Palm and the router, but I'm sure they're both okay. Palm wasn't in the pocket I landed on.

[Posting this in Martinez. Warchalking is fun.]
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