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Ah, whee...

Short entry tonight. Luns showed up at about five tonight. We went to go drop off his friend at the place he was going, and I got the first of two "small world" shocks. The guy my friend's friend was visiting was a fellow Berkeley student I'd remembered from numerous run-ins in the disabled students office.

So we got invited along for dinner. That was a lot of fun, and its where I got my second small world shock of the night. There was a lady in which I shared a class last spring, who knew the family my friend's friend was staying with. Confused yet?

Then Luns and I did weird things. Like had ice cream, and checked out a Ghia, and went to the casino. He was most amazed at the gas prices ($1.27 a gallon at the cheapest place, ATM), because they're a good fifty cents higher in the Bay Area.

Finally, we came home and had weird fruit, which I'm still tasting three hours later. And I have a sinus headache, which was caused by all the cigarette smoke in the casino, which makes me glad CA passed the strict anti-smoking laws it did.

Tomorrow, we go see more weird places, like the dam and the used bookstore.

Rediscovering Boringtown again for the first time.

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