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random thoughts on the passing scene.

hey, it's logjam!

it looks like loserjabber. :)


Had fun with Luns today. First we went to the airport, looking for a shotglass. Didn't find one. Then we went to the biggest concrete object in the area. We took a dam tour. Luns would have taken dam photos, but he didn't have his dam camera. So anyway, we had a dam good time. :)

then we hit up the used bookstore, a tool sale, my old HS, and the factory outlets. All in all, a busy day.

Mom went back in the hospital tonight. Whee. Hope she feels better soon.


I'd comment on the situation brewing, but right now, I need to focus on getting those things done. Basically, let it be known that you have managed to make a lot of people's lives hell, you came fairly close to making a few other people's lives hell, and any good you may have done is outweighed by the negative effects. The person you may have wanted to impress is furious with you, and I'm not far behind in anger.


Wow, damn, it's 2 AM. Bedtime for this katster, and skewl tomorrow.

See you at nine tomorrow!

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