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I need to steal a few minutes to write. But isn't going to happen yet.

Anyway, Mom and I are going to go see Nemo tomorrow (yeah, I've already seen it once, but I liked it, and I want mom to see it) and then go out and eat. I've got my notebook with me and I've copied questions from interviews in them, and will work on those. (Although there's a few questions I've already got a rough answer planned out, I just have to give it a bit more thought.)

Not sure what else there is, except that I'm going to go see Bend it Like Beckham and X2 in the next week (the local theatre does a "first showing M-F for $3.75" ticket, which is why I can afford this) and trying to dig through the pile of boxes.

And getting caught up in LJ, I keep forgetting to type out what I'm thinking.

But bed now, so I can get some sleep before tomorrow. If any questions come in between now and the morning, I'll add 'em to my notebook. (And I'm open to being interviewed, or even giving 'em, if anybody wants one.) :)

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