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I got a new pair of batting gloves yesterday. Blue, black, and white (it is my curse to like blue and hate the Dodgers, I guess...).

Today I decide to test them out, so I pull a bat out of my baseball gear and go to swing a couple times on the back porch. They'll be nice when I can actually get into a game of softball. Anyway, the dog wanted to play, and I didn't want her to feel bad with me swinging the bat, so I got the bright idea to grab a couple of tennis balls of hers and hit them out into the backyard for her to chase.

A few swings later, they're over the fence and gone. Metal bats and tennis balls don't work well together. :)

So when it cools off a bit, I'll go attempt to retrieve them, I hope my neighbors aren't too upset.

And it makes me wish we had a lot of land so that I could let her loose offleash to retrieve them and not worry about knocking 'em over a neighbor's fence.

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