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first day of skewl...*groan*

I'm not fond of the first day of school. This year, it's doubly worse because I for once thought that I could show a friend around Redding without having to worry about the nonsense that's plagued IRC the last few months. After all, I'd been on exile.

When things get to be a disaster in my own head, I take a break and walk away from IRC a bit. I call it getting my head on straight. It seems to happen about three or four times a year, and it needs just the right combination of moods and mess, and boy did we get that in combo this time.

Of course, as I have discovered, even being on exile doesn't stop the mess from getting to one. When I checked ICQ at 2 in the morning, I found seven frantic messages with regards to a situation earlier that night. I glanced them over, thought it was a bit of an overreaction, checked with people who were familiar with the sit who were awake at that godawful time, and was convinced it was handled and over. So I take Luns out for more exploring Redding with a clear conscience. When I got home from seeing him off, I get on IRC (taking myself off exile, yay!) and find out that night was...well, the only words I could find to describe it was "a fucking disaster."

When people are not on the net, there's usually a reason for it. In my case, I was not home, but out on the town with a friend. When I found out yesterday about everything, I was furious, but I think I was most furious about the attempt to get my telephone number out of at least two different people. And I still am, about everything.

First of all, what could I have done? You know damn good and well that I'm west of you, not east, so it's not like I could have made a real life intervention, even if it had been serious enough to warrant that. Secondly, with the chaos you caused both Zibb and Christy by your phone god. My mother would have taken the brunt of the call. My mother is very severely ill. She went back in the hospital last night because she was getting sick again and she is not supposed to have stress. At this point, it could literally kill her. Thank GOD you didn't get my phone number, but I'm still furious at the attempt.

And these are the emotions I have as I head into the first day of school. Thanks, again. I could have had plesant memories of Luns and the last weekend before school, and you've managed to taint that.

And these are just my own personal reasons for being upset at you, not even mentioning the hell you managed to make out of my friends lives. Apperantly, you haven't learned that actions have consequences. Any collateral damage is okay as long as you helped? Uh uh.

I hope you're proud of yourself.

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