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o/~ there's no gods, and precious few heros o/~

in a perfect world, people would know instantly when they've wronged a fellow human being.

in a perfect world, people wouldn't have to spin themselves to make themselves look good.

In a perfect world, people wouldn't lie to people they consider friends.

In a perfect world, people would understand the power of a word.

This isn't a fscking perfect world, obviously. I'd have more respect for people if they'd tried and failed for this utopia, though.


Tired and angry. It's a burning anger, deep in my gut. I'm not a happy katster. The tiredness is that mondays are my long days, and I think I'm gonna crash after I finish this. The be frank, I no longer believe a word somebody has to say about anything. And before the person I'm talking about writes off that, because she's always so "truthful", she might want to reconsider just what she's said through all this.

If you can't be truthful with us, at least quit lying to yourself. The fact that you convince yourself that you're telling the truth doesn't mean you aren't lying through the skin of your teeth. Go through your logs, compare what you've said to different people.

And that's it. Now time to make myself better, to attempt to go through the slow and painful process of rebalancing the teeter-totter.


First day of school happened. I like all my classes, but *damn* Mondays are long.

And yeah, my shirt showed up. So I get to show up to my MCSE classes wearing a Blue Screen of Death t-shirt. Hope the teacher likes my sense of humor. :)

I think I'm off to bed here, in a second. Goodnight.

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