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minor sadness

Other thought.

LDRs are managable with the internet.

It's a lot harder when he's away from keyboard for a while, and there's no way to contact him. And I miss him horribly. Even when I'm trying to distract myself. I hope he's having fun, and he'll be back sooner rather than later since he's just on vacation,'s still hard. Especially when the person in question is my touchstone, and I'm in a place moodwise where I can use that touchstone, and it's odd, and a bit hard, to not find it there.

And I feel selfish because I want him here, even though he needs and could use a vacation. So I spiral myself worse because I feel this way, and then I get angry at myself over being selfish which tends to spiral me even further and I want and...well, you know the cycle.

(And the other place I could talk this out...grr, they closed the clinic where my therapist was today because somebody died, but did they give me a phone call? Hell no.) :P

Silly katster.

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