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So...yeah, I've decided to get political elsewhere.

I'll still be using this journal for random observations on the passing scene, and I have a couple collaborators on the getting political.

You can find those observations at, or on LJ at nukefreezone. So far, I'm the only subscriber to the feed, so it's kinda expensive, but...feel free to check it out. :)

Warning now. Since the blog is on political topics, I'm a left-leaning Democrat, and I believe zibblsnrt and jrenken both lean slightly left too (and they're my main co-conspirators.) There'll be more than politics, of course, I'm into techonology, and I'd like to write more on just what it is I think I'm doing in grad school. But a lot of it will be on politics, and while I'm willing to listen to people who disagree with me, I ask that it be kept respectful.

So yeah. I'm a geek.

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