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blast from the past.

digging through old HS papers. Found this poem. And I'm blinking hard at it.

The Choice

I peek around the corner
Two conflicting ideas drive me nuts
And to choose between just one of them
One leads to life, one to death
But which is which I don't know

They laughed when I predicted the day
The day Orwell said would come
Socialism could never happen in America
They told me. This is a democracy
Just wait and see, I told them

Now the path lies between me
To live in this man created hell
Or to die and them say I never was?
A choice indeed and not one a dreamer
Should ever have to make...

Yeah, it's not perfect, and I was obsessed with conspiracy in high school. Too much Orwell, I guess. But other than some obviously technical problems (maybe I should have said Fascism instead of Socialism, because it's more what I meant, but...), it seems to me that I was ahead of my time. ;)

And yeah, I was a pretty bad poet. I still am. :)


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