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Apartment hunting

Yeah, it's pretty dismal, especially with what I can afford to what's out there.

S'far, it's this.

There's an apartment in N. Oakland that I'm looking pretty seriously at. It's *huge* for a one bedroom, it's got hardwood floors, and in general is pretty nice. So far, it's the big winner. It's far out (for those of you familiar with the Bay Area, it's near MacArthur BART), but it's near Telegraph, which makes it a straight shot to campus on the 40/40L bus line.

Second is an apartment on Regent and Stuart, which is also just off Telegraph in Berkeley. It's much smaller, and it feels like a fishbowl. But it is a lot closer in.

Third is a studio type inlaw place in Albany (near Solano, so it's not as bad as it *could* be). The bathroom and kitchen are way too small, though.

Fourth is a "walk in closet" (as Luns so kindly put it) back behind somebody's house. It's one tiny room, a hallway, and a bathroom. It's not going to work very well, unfortunately. Too bad, because the landlord has a cute and friendly golden retriever. :)

More today. We'll see how it goes.

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