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It's a boring life...

In response to rosefox asking how my day has been, I responded:

Let's see. I've spent the last couple days recovering from a whirlwind trip into the Bay Area to find a place to live next year. And I have a place in the Oakland Hills, a bit far from campus, but the bus line to campus is just down the hill, so that's not a real big deal.

I still need to decide what all classes I'm going to take next fall, and am waiting impatiently for Journalism to list their classes (some of it crosses over with what I'm interested in.)

And I've been dying, because Redding has been hot and muggy, which should give me a clue I'm not meant to live in the South. (Most of the time, Redding is hot and dry, so it's not so bad...)

I've been experimenting with Movable Type and doing a political-type weblog with some friends of mine, and that seems to be going mostly okay. :) I need to rant more in it, though.

And I need to update my journal with some of this stuff. Actually, I'll prolly post this comment. :)

-kat, boring life as usual, but it works. %)

And that's pretty much it. Figured I'd share with all ye too. :)

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