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external parking validation

That 116 we recorded in Redding yesterday? That tied for hottest place on the planet, with somewhere in Algeria. Wow.

And my parents came out of the mountain today, only to find the big flag alongside the freeway was at half mast. Now, being in the mountains, they've not heard any news, so they were wondering who died. And I had to relay that it was only Judge Eaton (which is actually sad, that man knew more about Shasta County history than anybody else, and my mom thinks he was the judge that did something good for her) instead of somebody like Shrub or Cheney or somebody like that. (My parents are almost as fiercly liberal as I am. They're definitely Dems.) [Note to Secret Service people: This is not a threat.]


I'm really not impressed with people who find a need to lie to others so that his or her view of the world is unchanged. But it comes a time to write people off, and I'm getting pretty damned close to that point with this person I'm not impressed with. But until I subscribe to the view of the world this person has, well, I guess I'll stay on that person's Ten Most Hated list.

But there was a good point along with the bad, and that was another person who pulled similiar stunts once upon a time seeing just how ugly it looks. And I have to say that I'm pretty impressed with the strides this second person's made in working on the underlying problems that caused nastiness once upon a time.


Today was an okay day, except for the bad mood swing this evening. Moodswings that feel almost physical are scary. I *heard* my brain go *sproing* like a spring jumping out of place. But I'll be okay, I was just having some bad anxiety over final project. Where being able to say I'll do fine and not needing the external validation would be nice, this is unfortunately the case where I do need somebody to say something. Just one person at SIMS who'd say, "Yes, Kat, you're welcome in our final project group."

But I doubt it will happen. Yeah, I'm feeling fairly pessimistic on this one. Chalk it up to anxiety.

It's funny, at times, how b0rk3d my head is.

g'night, LJ world.

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