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so yeah, an objectively miserable day.

I woke up this morning to my phone beeping, which I had planned on, 'cause zibblsnrt said that he would. Unfortunately, I was pretty groggy because my insomnia had kicked in the night before. However, upon waking, I was greeted with the smell of fresh rain, and discovered it was raining. And there wasn't even a thunderstorm involved, which made it really nice. Okay, granted, I also discovered the reason I've been so moody the last few days, but there's even a silver lining to that cloud.

I end up lying in bed, and falling back to sleep, figuring I'll wake up when my body feels like it, or when jillcaligirl, my little sister, calls to tell me she's leaving Davis. Instead, it's when my laptop makes the two urgent beeps which mean "If I don't get power RIGHT NOW, I'm going to shut off." Turns out, I'd messed up and pulled the cord out when I put it up before falling asleep.

So I get up somewhat groggily, get the call from my sister that she's on her way, and figure I have a couple hours to enjoy myself and wake up. So, I figured I'd goof with my guitar. I was tuning it, and somehow I got messed up as to which knob tunes which string, and busted the G string. (Get your mind out of the gutter, I'm pretty sure that's what that string is called, it's either the third or the fourth, and the two lower tuned strings are above it.) Anyway, I don't have a clue how to replace strings, it's been a while since I played the guitar, and I've never busted a string before, so I'm trying to figure this out, when I hear a jingle in the yard...almost like dog tags whacking together. Almost like Britney's dog tags...

And yep, sure enough, my parents are home a day early. Fsck. And on top of it, they made me help them unload the trailer, even though I had nothing to do with going camping in the first place. And it makes me wonder what else is in store for this day? A fight with zibblsnrt? My character getting killed for some smartalecky comments she made to demons in the last session?

Yeah. it's a blehish day. I'll be hiding under the covers if you need me.

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