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Health care ranting...

Portrait of an HMO (ganked from littledevi)

Health care is one of my hot button issues. The obvious reason is thus: I'm manic-depressive. I keep mostly sane by two prescription drugs which cost over $200 each. (Not to mention the monthly visits to the psychiatrist, and the fact that I prolly need to see a therapist at least every other week, if not every week.) And I don't understand why my country believes that it's better to pay disability to me for the rest of my life rather than pay my script costs. I mean, at least with my script costs covered, I would most likely have a job, and thus *gasp* pay taxes. (Granted, then again, if the republicans and libertarians had their way, I'd be sitting in a cardboard box under the bridge, having conversations with the voices in my head...)

Oh yeah, and who had the brilliant idea to tie health care insurance to *work*? Can we say "indentured servitude"? Seriously, if you tie people to a job because that's where their health care is, there's no way for them to possibily make things better for themselves. And god forbid, what happens if (like my mom) they get sick with a catastrophic illness? My folks are paying close to a thousand bucks a month to maintain their health insurance because Mom desperately needs it. (Well, so do the rest of us, but Mom's the biggest priority.) It's a fucking mess.

It's reasons like this that I'm more and more sure that my country's ideals are not mine, and more and more reasons why Canada looks oh so attractive...

Because health care is just one of those things that the free market does poorly.

And that's the end of that rant.

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