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why can't they offer classes at 2 AM...

...It seems like that's when I'm most awake.

Normally Thursday would be my sleep-in day. But I have to go see my conselor tomorrow to straighten out my accomodations and my ed plan. The lack of an ed plan is causing my financial aid to get all screwed up.

I figured out tonight that I spend 23.5 hours at school, in class. That's a part time job. Plus, if you figure out that you're supposed to spend two hours at home for every hour in class...ouch, that's 70.5 hours a week. Consider that you're supposed to get eight hours of sleep a night (ha ha HA), which is 56 hours a week...and that leaves me with 41 and a half hours to do everything else important. It takes me a couple hours a day to eat, and an hour a night to do dishes...that's half of it gone, right there. add in an hour a day for the commute...

Fifteen and a half hours a week that is mine to do as I please with. And I'm not counting all the other things I have to do, as well as help take care of my mom...

is it any wonder I don't get enough sleep? Something's got to be cut in that mess.

Interestingly enough, if you use the three hours per unit formulation, I'm only supposed to be spending 48 hrs/wk on my class time and studies. But a bunch of my classes hit the 3 hrs/unit formulation *just by the time I spend in class*. And techincially, I'm only at 14 units because two of my units are for classes starting later in the semester.

Something's screwy here, but don't ask me. I have enough math to do without devoting brain power to this problem too. :P


ugly day on the freeway today. My home is in Anderson, 8 miles south of Redding. My college is in North Redding which is prolly eight miles through town. The quickest way to get home is to drive straight down Interstate 5. I live maybe a half mile from the freeway interchange in Anderson. College is about two or three miles east of the freeway interchange. The three miles between college and freeway were no problem. But as I tried to merge onto the freeway, I was met with this problem. Semi, driving reasonable freeway speed, occupying space where my car would merge. So I had to abort into the emergency lane, keep speed, and jump in behind the semi. Okay, I can deal, if there's been a car in the fast lane. But there was *none*. That guy was just being an asshole.

Anyway, I'm coming into Redding, and right about the highway 44/I-5 exchange, I'm in the fast lane, and there's a pickup and a car in front of me in the slow lane. I'm coming along at about 70, but I'm watching the car tailgating this truck, and this is a busy interchange, so there's cars merging on and off. Big huge mess, and to top it off they're doing construction on it again, because two college kids got killed when a semi merged into them.

So, I'm coming along, and watching this car, because it's kinda weaving and tailgating. Car shows no signs of moving over. Okay. I make the decision to pass the car and the pickup, I don't like being in this situation. And just as I start to get in a position to suddenly moves into my lane.

No look.

No blinker.

No clue this is what that driver had in mind until the car moves over.

It's a good thing I was practicing defensive driving and have a lot of experience in my parents van, or there would have been a collision at very high speeds. I had my foot ready to hit that brake because I didn't like the way that car was moving. It still was very close, between jamming on my brakes and a slight swerve, we were okay, and she saw me before she got all the way in my lane. I mean, I know I was probably in her blind spot, but this is why you *LOOK* goddamn it before you lane change.

But fuck.

We were on an overpass, I had the bigger vehicle, but if that car hit me, I would have prolly careemed into the side of the bridge. There would have been serious injuries, maybe even death. And I'm not ready to take the trip on the Last Great Adventure.

So, I'm alright, I made it the rest of the way home without incident, but that one moment was rather scary. And I figured I'd share.

Crazy drivers in this town, I swear.


I know, 2 AM ain't midnight. Can't sleep again.

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