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I get to go see Jay and Silent Bob tomorrow.

I fought, dammit, for the right to do that.

You see, around my house, my sister cooks dinner and I do the dishes. When my sister is not at home or when she doesn't feel like cooking dinner, the rest of the family is expected either to fend for themselves or go out and get something to eat.

But when katster's out, having fun with a friend, and not even *eating* at home, but the rest of the family is eating at home, guess who's responsible for the dishes?

Apperantly me.

Great. So the dishes cycle got fscked up because I thought that the fact that I wasn't home and didn't even partake of dinner with the family would cause the Jill dinner clause to be enforced and somebody else would get the dishes (not to mention I'd shoved a load in and cleaned up the kitchen *prior* to my friend's arrival). Of course, this didn't happen, and the dishes sat there for a few days (in fact, when I went in there to do them last night, I remember thinking "God, this is a lot of fscking dishes for one night of pizza and one night of spaghetti").

In other words, my sister's got the easy life. If I had any idea how to cook things without burning them, I'd trade jobs with her. At least then I don't have to put up with Mom's ideas about how perfect the counters need to be, and I don't have to frustrate over stickyness on the burners (how the hell did that happen anyway?)

Perfection is going to be the ruin of me.

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