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Some days you win the race...

And some days you lose.

And there are some days where it's an accomplishment just to finish...

Today was not one of the latter.

Today was pretty good.

My friends have talked about J&SB. I have to concur. It was an *awesome* movie. Not everybody's cuppa tea, but it was fun. And jampacked full of references to lots of other movies, including a lot of jabs at Kevin Smith's own movies. All in all, pretty funny, although I'm trying to reconcile it with my theory about Kevin's movies, because there didn't seem to be this underlying theme that there was in Clerks, Chasing Amy, and Dogma.

The cameos were hilarious. Lots of people want to be on Kevin Smith films, it seems. That was one hell of a large cast.

Anyway, going again. Taking my sister, who's at least had the Dogma experience, and fell in love with Jay and Silent Bob. Maybe after the movie, I can indoctrinate her in the first three films of the Jersey trilogy.

I do have to concur with kap that it's hard to know that this is over. I'm honestly of the opinion that J&SB need to make cameos in all Kevin's films from now on, a KS film without those two is gonna be...well, hard.

But as an ending, I can think of no finer way to say farewell to our two slacker-heros. Long live Jay and Silent Bob!


Got a nice suprise in the mail today. Thank you to Ship and Aris and everybody else that was behind the "project". Thanks to them, I now own one stuffed bear. He wears glasses, he has a Cal t-shirt, and he wears Birks. He looks like he just stepped his way off Berkeley's streets. His name, I'm informed, is Oski Flibble, which is good, 'cause if he wasn't named Oski, I'd have to rename him. ;)

Oh yeah, and here's a picture of the adorable one himself. It's Aris' photo, I just swiped it and put it on a different server so Herring wouldn't bear the brunt of my load. Besides, I suddenly have megawebspace on the OCF.

Ain't he cute? :)


Going to bed now. But I am in a fairly okay mood for once. Which is good. :) I think it's safe to say I'm "happy" for the time being.

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