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Updating the football schedule

DateOpponentCal scoreOpponent scoreCal total scoreOpponent total score
8/23@ Kansas State28422842
8/30Southern Miss34 2 6244
9/6Colorado State
9/11@ Utah
9/20@ Illinois
10/4Oregon State
11/1@ ASU
11/8@ Oregon
11/22106th Big Game @ Stanford
Cal Wins1Cal Total Score62
Cal Losses1Opp. Total Score44
Cal Avg Pts/game31Opp. Avg Pts/game22

I'll be updating the table all season. Anyway, our first game went really well once the offense started clicking. We gave them a safety on a special teams gaffe, but otherwise a very young defense completely shut out their offence. They only really threatened to score once, and we made a four down goal line stand, making up for their four down goal line stand against us earlier in the game.

Next up, Colorado State on Saturday, September 6th. And I won't forget the sunblock this time.



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