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"The Internet is ABOUT slandering people anonymously!"

Looks like LJ's being fussy, so...if this shows up lots of times, it's *NOT* my fault.

Let's see. Quiet day today. Went and saw J&SB again, I'm now in the proud possession of a stub from Friday and a stub from Saturday, which can get me a J&SB mini-poster signed and personalized by the Man himself, Kevin Smith. Did I mention that Kevin Smith is a fscking genius? :)

My sister loved the movie too. One more convert to the wonder that is Kevin Smith. Feel proud, puppeteer, for what thou hath wrought. ;)

Didn't get any homework done, but I got all the tabs into my assembler notebook, which is a step in the right direction. Tomorrow, I think I'm gonna reboot into Windoze and try to coordinate my master calendar of when things are due this semester. I also need to make out a schedule for my mother as to where I'm hiding when.

Talked to Zibby too this evening, that was fun. :) And I'm glad to see that you're doing better. We'll get through this day by day, in the quiet places. :)

Hmmm...anyway. Mostly a slow day. Tomorrow should be more interesting, if you think talking about homework is interesting... :)

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