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My icons.

This was inspired by a post by sailorjim, who is a genius with humour. But since he was asking about icons, I thought I'd tell him, and then I figured you guys would like to see these and know my reasoning.

My logo. This was hand-drawn on a piece of paper and then scanned in. This is, obviously, my default icon.
Oski in front of a C. This is my icon for Cal Bears sports posts. I don't remember where I got this, but it's shrunk down from a picture I've had since I first started doing web things. (You can see the larger version on my old OCF home page, which is depreciated.
This is a photograph of me, taken in the same set as the icon below it, which I modified in Photoshop. I like the way it turned out, but if I need to clear icons to make room for more icons, this is one of the two I'd clear out.
This is my "trapped" icon. I was goofing around with my digicam, trying to make a "trapped in the machine" sort of icon (hence the outsplayed palm and stuff. I think it would have looked better with *both* hands, but one had to hold the camera). I like the way it looks, and this varies with my "sad" icon when I'm a bit depressed.
This is me in Lego, as generated by cjdoyle's absolutely brilliant Mini-Mizer. While this is cool, I don't use this pic that often, so if I needed to make room for others, it'd be the other I'd take out of the rotation. (And people have said it should be a Cal hat. See the next picture.)
This shot was taken by zibblsnrt with my digital camera. No wonder I look so happy. (And if you know the one time zibblsnrt and I were together to take a picture, you'll know the background is Halifax. Actually, we were sitting on Barrington St. Random knowledge for those of you familiar with Halifax.) The big variant of this picture is here, and the background is more obviously Barrington St. The Cal hat is notorious to those who know me, because I wear it all the time. This is my "happy" icon.
Of all my icons, this is my favourite. I encountered this graffitti written in chalk on my walk to class in September of last year. I don't understand why somebody wrote it, but I found it amusing, so I took a picture and later iconized it for use on LJ. This is my "surreal" icon.
This icon, and the next one, were iconized by the incomparable whitestar2. I thought this one was cute, and I tend to use it when I'm tired. Because sleep is good.
This icon was also done by Ship. It doesn't get used very often because I don't talk about writing as much as I'd like to. But it's still very cool. :)
Uhoh, katster is ticked. Or at least that's what this icon means. This one and the next one were done by rickvs, and are obviously plays on my logo. This is my "angry" icon, and tends to be used when I'm ranting.
This is my "sad" icon. As above, this one was done by rickvs, and it was one he hoped wouldn't get much use. Unfortunately, I tend to go for it.
This icon is from the movie "Finding Nemo". The "Mine!" is the call of the seagulls in that movie, and when I'm being a good consumer or talking about something that is "mine", I tend to use this icon. I call it my possessive icon.
This last one is my politics icon. It's from a recent cartoon posted to the syndicated feed calnhobbes, and I swiped it to use as an icon. While I was playing with it in Photoshop, I decided to colour it, so the colouring job is mine (and that's the reason Calvin's wearing a blue and gold rally rugby as opposed to his normal red and white striped shirt). The text reads "If nobody panders to us, we'll throw the election! We'll stay home! We're disaffected, disenfranchised, and discombobulated!"

So those are my icons. Enjoy. :)

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