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Assignment help.

Last night, I promised to post my actual assignment for the 'bugs' assignment.

Here it is:
We are all capable of identifying market needs and thus generating ideas for new products, in part by noticing the defenciencies in the products we use in everyday life. To prove to yourself that you can identify market needs, generate a list of at least 20 "bugs". Designers at the product design firm IDEO use a "bug list" to record their observations of products and situations where products and situations where products failed to meet the actual conditions of use. This list should include any observation or annoyance that comes to your mind. Note that we are looking for a list of "bugs" (eg, my vegetable peeler hurts my hand when I peel potatoes) rather than a list of product solutions (eg, a vegetable peeler with a soft handle). In other words, you don't have to invent a solution to a problem you see -- just state the problem. From these bugs, develop a market need which could be based on a specific "bug" or on a set of "bugs".

Any help would be appreciated, because I seem to be too easygoing to let bugs bother me, and I seem to read instructions if I can't figure out something (the lone exception is computers, where I need to be reminded to RTFM). So yeah. Thanks in advance.

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