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again, it doesn't matter. I'm safe behind the plexiglass.

not all together. it doesn't really matter.

called the cops on an asshole tonight. I mean, if you're going to scream up at an apartment, I hope you'd have a broader vocabulary than 'f*ck', 'b*tch','kill', and 'm*th*rf*ck*r'. It's doubly best if you don't spend fifteen minutes screaming 'f*ck you' at the cops when they've got you surrounded. I was impresssed at Oakland PD's response time and the show of overwhelming force (*five* squad cars) helped reassure us they were on it. Granted, apperantly, somebody called in and said he had a gun or something, so...

In other news, Luns is safely off to Toronto, and the untold billions that went into extending BART to San Francisco International were *gasp* actually spent well. Luns, who hates all public transit in the bay area with the lone exception of MUNI, SF's bus/tram/train system (he's a Toronto boy, and is spoiled by the TTC), was greatly impressed with both the BART extension and the people mover (the driver of our BART train called it 'Mini-Me BART'), and the way it was well signed. I think the people mover is pretty cool too, and they've done some nifty things with the South SF, San Bruno, and especially the Millbrae stations. So yeah, BART to SFO isn't quite the boondoggle some of us thought it was. :)

Thirdly, Cal got munched by Utah Thursday night, bringing the Bears to 1-3 with a road trip to Illinois next Saturday, and then back home to face Pac-10 favourite USC. I'll update the score table when I feel like it. Who knows when that'll be.

So, yeah, I have homework to do this weekend (trying to find more bugs to go with the ones folks have suggested to me, thanks for those who have.) Feel like I'm stuck behind the plexiglass again. It's kinda lonely back here, so I don't know what to do. Because it just feels like I'm doing all the reaching out again, and that if I was to quietly slip away, that nobody'd really notice. I know this is *not* *true*, but it looks so tempting...

things like the folks in my writ group, the folks I trust most with my words...I posted something in that group yesterday, and with the exception of one person, nobody said a word. And the folks in that group are probably the folks who come closest to being good friends. but you know, it doesn't matter. maybe I'll never write again.

But must keep the facade up. Must not let anybody know what I think. Mustn't. Because, in all honesty it doesn't really matter.

it doesn't really matter that I'm feeling awfully lonely. and it doesn't matter that I've been having troubles sleeping. it doesn't really matter. it doesn't.

if I say it enough times, I can make it true, right?

And I think it's going to rain today...

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