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St. John's is like SF?

Poking through my favourite band's website. And Alan keeps a webjournal of touring. And I found him saying this:

It's a long way from St. John's to San Francisco. I could fly to Moscow quicker. I love San Francisco. It's my third favorite in America behind New York and New Orleans.

Despite the distance between them, my hometown and San Fran have a lot in common. They are both hilly harbour towns with lots of houses in the downtown area. They both feature great walks along the many piers. And they are both cities that support folk music. No Barry Bonds or Alcatraz in St. John's, though. Carl English and the "Lock-Up Under the Clock" will have to do.

Now I really wanna see St. John's. zibblsnrt, let's go sometime? :)

(kat's favourite Canadian city right now is Halifax. It's the only one she's been to.)
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