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Look what I started. :)

[20:47] * katster giggles, picturing prostitution as a server-client process...

[20:48] <keebler> kat: as opposed to sluttery, which is p2p?
[20:48] <Primis> keeb - With multi-threading, wouldn't p2p be a gangbang?
[20:49] <keebler> Pri: depends on who's locking the semaphores
[20:50] <Zibblsnrt> why am I pondering the mechanics of DDoSes in such a system?
[20:50] * Primis wonders what usenet is then....
[20:50] <ph3nyx> Pri: full of porn. duh
[20:50] <Zibblsnrt> Pri: 1980s Italy?
[20:50] <keebler> Zib: i'm still conemplating the bounded buffer problem
[20:51] <Prophet4> Zonealarm Brand Chastity Belts (tm)?
[20:51] <Calculus> ...
[20:51] * Calculus falls over.
[20:51] <katster> look what I started. *proud*
[20:51] <katster> :)
[20:51] <Zibblsnrt> "CONNECTION ATTEMPT FROM:"
[20:51] <Prophet4>
[20:51] * Aris_TGD pings Proph
[20:51] * Calculus firewalls off ICMP!
[20:51] <katster> Proph: foreplay. :)
[20:52] <Prophet4> beats the finger command, I guess
[20:52] <Zibblsnrt> hehe
[20:52] <Primis> Proph - What, the chastity belts that parents everywhere what a refund on?
[20:52] <keebler> TCPWRAPPERS IS NOT A CONDOM.
[20:52] <William> keychains.
[20:52] <Zibblsnrt> heee
[20:52] <Primis> ...when you need to whois the person, perhaps it's become too.... impersonal....
[20:53] <Prophet4> which is more likely to lead to viral infections?
[20:53] <Primis> Proph - Like SoBig? *duckFLEEEEE*
[20:53] <Calculus> ow
[20:53] <Calculus> OW.
[20:53] <Zibblsnrt> *sob*
[20:53] <ph3nyx> "When I've saved up the money, I'll get a nice mail-order bride. I found a site boasting Russian amputee brides. They're half off but work twice as hard."
[20:54] <William> The real problem is when they've laid the groundwork...
[20:54] <Zibblsnrt> ....
[20:54] <William> ...after all, who likes being invaded through their back door?
[20:55] <Zibblsnrt> well this is officially one of the least correct topics to come up here in ages ;)
[20:55] <Primis> ... I don't want to ponder Wireless this way.....
[20:55] <Prophet4> well, one things for certain. I know where I'm spending my millions once the transfer comes in from Nigeria
[20:56] <Zibblsnrt> Pri: ...
[20:56] <Prophet4> Pri: I think thats how a couple former teachers of mine manaed to reproduce
[20:56] <Zibblsnrt> target destroyed!
[20:56] <Zibblsnrt> Proph: don't go there ;)
[20:56] <katster> Proof that the internet is really ALL ABOUT the sex. ;)
[20:56] <Primis> hmmm, when you need a router, perhaps you're out of your element?...
[20:56] <Calculus> ...
[20:56] <Zibblsnrt> Pri: hey, don't diss IVF
[20:56] <Calculus> .......
[20:57] <Calculus> What does this make co-location centers?
[20:57] <keebler> does that make BIND a pimp?
[20:57] <Prophet4> Zib: p- did teach Exploring Technology
[20:57] <Zibblsnrt> Proph: yes, but I'm still trying to suppress memories of thta class and all that happened in it ;)
[20:57] <Primis> Proph - ...
[20:57] <Primis> Heh. NetHack is that girl/guy you don't possibly stand a chance with then, right?
[20:58] <Prophet4> Pri: but theres always that one guy that proves its possible for others, just not you
[20:58] <William> Of course, when your socket hardware doesn't fit your needs, you just get a little operation and use a male-to-female adapter.
[20:58] <Primis> Proph - Damn straight.
[20:58] <Zibblsnrt> Proph: I still think ascensions are horrendous lies
[20:59] <Zibblsnrt> +claimed
[20:59] <Primis> Does this make Outlook Express to be Madonna?
[20:59] * ph3nyx wonders if davan is an author avatar
[20:59] <Zibblsnrt> Outlook Express is Madonna in a world where HIV is an airborne disease
[20:59] <Primis> Everyone's had it, and only bad things come from it?
[20:59] <katster> Outlook Express is Typhoid Mary.
[20:59] <Zibblsnrt> kat: that works too ;)

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