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DateOpponentCal scoreOpponent scoreCal total scoreOpponent total score
8/23@ Kansas State28422842
8/30Southern Miss34 2 6244
9/6Colorado State2123 8367
9/11@ Utah2431 10798
9/20@ Illinois3124 138122
10/4Oregon State
11/1@ ASU
11/8@ Oregon
11/22106th Big Game @ Stanford
Cal Wins2Cal Total Score138
Cal Losses3Opp. Total Score122
Cal Avg Pts/game27.6Opp. Avg Pts/game24.4

Amusing that we beat Illinois by the same score we lost to Utah. Next week doesn't look so good for the Boys in Blue, though, as they come home (good) to face the #4 USC Trojans (*gulp*). It's the Pac-10 opener for both teams, and while I honestly don't expect Cal to win this one, I can always hope. USC is one of the best games out there to watch in Memorial, because USC brings up a large contingent of fans, and the old stadium is packed full, the way it should be. :)

And in terms of upsets, our loss at K-State loses a bit of its luster this week as Marshall (who? Well, they're a MAC team, and probably one of the best underrated teams in the country) beat them on K-State's own turf. Gah. And Colorado State lost to Miami of Ohio...gah. While transistivity is not a guiding principle in college football, it's still winceful when teams which seemed to handle you fairly well lose to MAC teams...

In the Pac-10 roundup, Arizona continues to cement its place as the absolute worst team in the Pac-10 by losing to Purdue 59-7. And Arizona State continues the tradition of Arizona schools getting utterly creamed by losing to Iowa 21-2. (You have any clue what happened there, littledevi?) And UCla, while not an Arizona school, gets its hat handed to it by Oklahoma (which is a little more respectable, given that Oklahoma is the #1 team in the country) 59-24. The rest of the Pac-10 puts up a decent showing by beating Boise State (OSU, but gah, that was close), Idaho (UW, in a game that wasn't *even* close), Michigan (Oregon, showing off the terror that is Autzen Stadium -- that's a nice win), BYU (Stanford, in a bit of a surprise, but one I'm going to call good), and New Mexico (WSU.) USC, the pansies, had the week off. :) So a 6-3 week, with decent wins against Illinois and Michigan and BYU...the conference is a little down, but not out, I'd say.

And that's your college football wrap for the week, come back next week and see if Stanford can force me to say nice things about them again. :)


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