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what a weekend.

it's been an interesting weekend. Interesting in the Chinese sense.

I start the day Thursday by discovering that I have suddenly acquired a three day notice to pay rent or quit. After some investigation, it turns out the management company that serves as my landlord forgot to credit the cashier's check I gave them for my deposit. So that's being worked on, but I've got proof that I paid it, so they can't kick me out.

Then I spent most of Friday and some of Saturday down with the stomach flu. Yay.

And today, I was a moron. I attempted to transfer some boiling hot water in a coffee cup that I had just nuked to a ramen cup, and learned the hard way why you set the ramen cup *down* on something instead of attempting to hold the ramen cup as you're pouring water into it. Luckily for me, the ER doctor just said it was a very nasty first degree burn, and that popping the blisters wasn't a good idea, wrapped it up, and wrote me a prescription for the happy drugs.

And I've just taken the happy drugs and it's time for me to go to bed.

(No, that mood's not a mistake. Tylenol with codiene is a lot of fun...)
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