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Okay, here's the deal...

Your friendly host is of course the ultimate Paul Simon junkie. And guess who should go on tour again, and this time with Art? But just like last time, the tickets are expensive. $50 for the nosebleed seats. But on the other hand, it's probably the last time Paul and Art will tour together ever, seeing as how both of 'em are pushing 60 and beyond. So what should I do? You tell me.

Poll #183300 Simon and Garfunkle!

So...Simon and Garfunkle are going to be in Oakland November 9th. What should katster do about this?

Go! even if you have to eat ramen for dinner for a month, it's worth it!
Sell your codiene pills to junkies for the money to go
Don't go. You've got a budget to consider, and $50 is a ton of money
Don't worry about it! I just won the lottery and I'm willing to give you the money to go.
Kat, you don't really need that second kidney anyway...
It's a sunday night and you have school in the morning, are you sure you should be up late?
I don't really care. Do what you're going to do.
Rock and roll is the music of the devil!

o/~ hello darkness my old friend... o/~


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