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Tonight's thoughts.

Gah, no rest for the weary tonight. So much to do before I leave, and I'm going to lie down and try to get four hours, 'cause it's better than none.

Thumb hurts very little. That's something Luns noted about burns, is that they hurt like the dickens for a bit, and then they suddenly stop hurting. Not like other wounds where pain is sorta less and less and gone. Burns are more like OWOWOWFUCKOWOW...wait, it doesn't hurt anymore. There's still a slight remnant of a blister on the pad of the finger, but otherwise, it seems to look mostly normal. And I'm not wearing a bandage on it right now (I'll put a fresh one on before I wander out. The doc told me to keep it somewhat clean the next few days but to otherwise let air get to it as much as possible.)

Hee, looking at it, I can still see the nick in that thumb where I cut it open with an exacto knife in physics my junior year of HS. That's cool. :)

open apology for zibblsnrt. I'm sorry for turning off the laptop when Luns showed up without saying goodnight or anything, I wasn't really thinking about what I was doing. But I love you, always and forever. </sappy>

a thanks to those of you who have stuck by me through thick and thin, I don't think I need to know names, 'cause if it applies to you, I think ye know. :) I might get more specific one of these days, when I'm not desperately in a time crunch.

and a note to myself not to attempt to be nice to some folks 'cause they just don't want or appreciate it.

and that's about it. Yet another action packed weekend ahead of me! whee. kill me now.

tonight you fly so high up in the vanilla sky

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