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tasty tidbits on baseball.

(written on the train this morning)

Poking through the Sac Bee this morning, and found an interesting article on the Giants.

You want a sum-up of the San Francisco Giants season? I found it in this one little statistic.

"If Rueter (9-5) doesn't win the opener of the four game weekend series [with the Dodgers], the Giants will enter the first round of the playoffs with only Jason Schmidt (17-5 earning double-digit distinction among the starters. (Joe Nathan has won 11 games in relief)" (emphasis added).

This from a team that has lead the National League West from Opening Day, and is one of the two teams in contention for NL home field advantage (which goes to the team with the best win-loss record, from what I understand -- it's the Giants and the Atlanta Braves that are in contention).

Yeah, if Rueter doesn't win tonight, the SF Giants will be the first team to *ever* enter the playoffs with only one starter in double-digit wins.

And they're only the ninth team to do a wire-to-wire division win.

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