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hidden quiet pain

home again.

autumn is insisting I pet her right now. and I brought some mac and cheese in the room, set it down, turned to do something else, and turned back to find an autumn cat trying to eat it.

that made me laugh.

which is good in a time of great sadness.

IN game tomorrow. i'm not sure I really want to play, don't quite feel up to it. normally, roleplaying helps, but I just don't really feel up to playing. real life is being a bit too intrusive.

anyway, yeah. just updating. I made my appointment (a rendezvous with the Amtrak!) just fine, and I'm home now. Saying goodbye. it's hard. and a lot of things are really fucking with my mood.

and yeah. that's about it. so if you don't mind me, i'll just be sitting quietly in this corner trying not to cry.

(hehe, mon p'tit chat. 'Cept Autumn has never been p'tit. Need to ask Jill the french word for 'fat'.)

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