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parlez-vous francais?

So here I am staring at the Canadian Desirability Scale again. If I can find a job, I'm one point shy of being desireable. So, I've decided that my nonexistent French skills need to be moved up to basic level. So what's basic level? Well, there's four pieces of language that they want: Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing.

So here's the questions. How hard would it be to get my skills to that point? How should I go about learning this? and How long does anybody think this will take?

(And while there's a lot of talk about common-law partners in the scale, I wonder how they'd crunch the numbers if I pointed out my boyfriend is a Canadian, and the only reason (besides distance) that we're not engaged or otherwise about to enter into holy matrimony is because I wanted him to finish his bachelors' degree, if that would help any in making me more eligible.)

And I know I'm asking a lot of questions, and not having much in the way of answers and explanations and stuff, but...I'm working my way out.

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