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musing on 'canes and metaphor.

Had a really interesting discussion with ankhenet about hurricanes and their formation the other night, in an attempt to understand exactly what zibblsnrt and the rest of the Halifax gang went through as Juan paid them a visit. And it was a rather interesting discussion, and the point was brought home that once they get going, there is nothing that is going to stop a 'cane. It will proceed to roll over everything in its path until it gets cut off from its supply of warm water. And there are certain conditions that must be met in order for a hurricane to form. I don't remember all five, but of them all, I remember one: "There must be a pre-existing instabilty."

And it dawns on me that hurricanes aren't just found in the real world, but that they make a pretty good metaphor for emotional stuff too. I've been grateful to zibblsnrt for weathering my mood swings. You catch the way that's said? Yep, 'canes make good metaphors. And emotional 'canes form much the same way that 'canes in real life do. They need that pre-existing instability to wrap themselves around, and it can be some minor irritant like somebody being a jerk on IRC or other random crappy things that happen. But you need that little irritation, a pre-existing instabilty, but it could be something minor.

Then you need warm water, or something to feed the irritant. Past issues work well, or other minor tweakings of the mood state, or anything that will happily feed the storm of anger and pain that is building around the instabilty. You need no vertical wind shear, because that can cut through a storm like nothing else (a small rational voice or the chance to vent before things get too bottled up will kill an emotional 'cane before it forms.) I'm not sure what the emotional metaphor of must be above 3 degrees (on the globe) to fit it. Maybe timing. Timing plays a role in emotional 'canes. And the last key factor to 'cane formation is ... well, powerpoint is being very slow, and I don't log channels anymore. So I'll figure out what that last one is and trying to work it in, here..ahh, the last one is divergence aloft, which is, well, the way air gets pulled out of the low pressure center in the hurricane, and I'm not sure how to equate it to emotional 'canes yet. I'll need to think on this, and get a better handle on it before I can speculate...

Anyway, the point is, if all the conditions are right, a hurricane of the soul can form, and it's not plesant to suffer from one of those. Especially if you're trying your damned hardest to ride it out. They're not pleasant for somebody else to see and ride out either. Just ask poor zibblsnrt who had to ride through a nasty emotional 'cane and a real one in the same week. Luckily for me, he doesn't mind.

In other news related to this, I discovered, much to my non-amusement, that if the 2005 hurricane season is as bad as this one (we're on L and the season's not quite over yet), then we'll all see at least Tropical Storm Katrina, and possibly Hurricane Katrina. I am groaning, because this seems to be a horrible joke to explain why my room is in the state it's in. ("Looks like Hurricane Katrina passed through again"). And knowing my luck, it'll prolly be a hurricane and veer directly for Halifax. *groan*

(For those of you not in the know, Katrina is my given name. And unfortunately, there is neither a Patrick nor a Jill on the hurricane list for the Atlantic, so I can't torment either my boyfriend or my sister about them having one too.)

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