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This made me laugh [even though we're the Golden State, not the Sunshine State...but Florida's the Sunshine State, so it's funny confusion]:

Posted on sos_usa by the witty kingcadillac in this post (as pointed to by leogryffinthis post in metaquotes:


Well, it was an unusual night in the Sunshine state as there were no Sensible Party candidates at all. Here are the final results:

Cruz Bustamove Bustamante (Silly Party) -- 2,354,159

Tom The Other White Meat McClintock (Very Silly Party) 958,274

Peter Miguel Actual Latino Liberal Camejo (Silly Green Party) -- 206,619

Arnold Conan Osterreichische Knocker-grabber Muscle Beach Mussolini Hercules Commando California Uber Alles Pec Implants Is That A Kennedy In Your Pocket Schwarzenegger (Very Very Very Silly Party) --3,475,671
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