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some thoughts on the day.

I'm sitting on top of an email, debating if I'm going to read past the second paragraph or not (and I'm going to want to sleep on it, at least.)

But I have to note that inflection is a good guy, and a good GM, and he's just shown that he's got an extraordinary amount of trust in me. Considering how awful I was feeling earlier, this makes me feel really good.

Yeah, it's not been the greatest of weekends, I've sorta felt like any project I touch ends with the project failing, and that was making me feel pretty awful. Between that and my perfectionistic nature, the voices in my head were tearing me up something good. And folks eventually came through and helped me see that this was untrue. So thanks to zibblsnrt, as usual, and kuangning and mrfnord and the rest of the channel gang who helped me feel better (in random order, tangaroa, fearghaill, inflection, ankhenet, and tanesmuti)

And on that memegen thing about what god/goddess you are, I'm apperantly the Goddess of Creativity, and Zibb's the God of Fear. That'd be a neat myth, how Creativity and Fear came to love each other... :) (Of course the part of me that's read the In Nomine rulebooks is now pondering Eli/Beleth fic. Too bad I'm nowhere near qualified to write it.)

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