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bad night in softball...

two games, oh for five with two strikeouts, one strikeout looking, and two grounders. But I did, on the last grounder, cause a run to come home, and in the screwy rules of EECS graduate school league, meant that two runs scored. And the two runs started a scoring drive to put the other team away.

And then to seal the win, Dan (our team catcher) made his first catch of a foul pop in two years, he said, and I proceeded to end the game by hauling in an infield pop fly. (Like the weird batting rules, we have weird fielding rules. Any out made by a girl counts as two outs. So when that pop settled in my glove with one away, it meant the game was over.)

I'm a better first baseman than a third baseman, but I didn't horribly embarrass myself in the field (though the foul line drive that bounced off the top of my glove the inning before ticked me off. On the other hand, I was attempting to backhand it, so I shouldn't be angry I missed). And I don't mind playing the hot corner.

And now I'm home again. And it's bedtime.

Night LJ world

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