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Crazy assed dreams...

This one is pretty weird. I was definitely the main character, and I was definitely male through most of it, which is kinda odd, although I think giving the end, this is just the gender ambiguity in my head coming into play. Anyway, it started simply enough as that I'd just moved to a city (I think it was somewhere in the Bay Area since I'd make mention of going to Cal at the present moment later), and starting out on a simple walk one night, only to find that the stars in the sky were forming messages. For some reason, I considered myself lucky to be there to witness this, and considered it no big deal.

Now, I worked for this ad agency/publicity form, and I and this one other girl were the only ones that were really not eccentric. The building was a bit different, but not horribly odd, and we had a bunch of suites on the second floor. Now some of these were decorated pretty odd and I remember having a meeting with my boss, and finding the old lady who ran the company lying there as a toy train went around and around her, occassionally bonking a piece of her body stuck out over the tracks. My boss (who was also a woman, for some reason, I insisted on calling her 'Grandma', even though that wasn't her name, and she tolerated it) simply said it was there to remind the old woman to turn over. And I accepted this answer.

Then normal things one would do at such a place continued.

A bit later we had a meeting with publicity people, and the two of us who were fairly normal did fine, (this is where I revealed I was going to Cal in my spare time), and we made brilliant ideas which made the publicity people happy, and halfway through the meeting, the old lady (now awake), poked her head in and asked if she could speak to me, and so we went in another room and fuzzled with an odd checkers problem that I hadn't been told about before, though I made some good suggestions. And then I went to make a phone call to tell somebody at Cal I wasn't free to meet with them, and overheard one of the other guys who worked at the company whispering to the person I called 'Grandma' that "the one looks like the person we don't like, and the other occasssinally speaks with the voice of Uncle Joseph." and I didn't get this...

Anyway, me and the other normal girl ended up downstairs in one of the rooms, and we found four or five robbers trying to clear out a safe in that room, and suddenly she spoke with a very deep voice that startled them all, and I found myself slamming the chief robber into a wall without touching him, which opened a secret door which the other girl escaped out of. I proceeded to continue wiping the walls with the robbers, and as they're all sitting there kinda dazed and confused, in walks this other person. The best way I can explain her, is that if you've seen the wizard of Oz, she had facial features like the Wicked Witch of the West, but had a dark blue rectangle painted around her eyes only. And she looked at me, and she said something along the lines of 'Ah, Dorothy, you're all grown up. Now it's time for you to join me!" and I refused, so we fought, and she had the upper hand, but somehow I ended up beating her.

And the final scene, in which my self-perception had changed to a girl, which was pretty weird, the person I referred to as 'Grandma' explained it all, that I was part of that weird family who ran the place, and they had been wondering if it was me, and that I was the child of her sister Esmerelda, who turned out to be utterly evil. And that's why the stars wanted to spell out messages to me the one night is that they knew who I was...

Okay...anybody care to take a swipe at what this means?

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