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Tearing apart and rebuilding

Okay, so in my new product development course, we got to pull apart VHS tapes today. it was a lot of fun. :) Your fearless correspondent--ooh, I love words that came out out of French--anyway, your fearless correspondent was given the task of pulling it apart. Granted, one of my teammates helped, and accidentally knocked a few pieces out of place that we didn't know where they went. So when we went to pull the thing back together, we died. I spent the next thirty minutes of class banging my head against the plastic, trying to figure out where one piece of plastic went. Finally, after fighting with it, I dropped the final piece into place just as class finished.

When kat is in just the right mood, she'll happily bang her head against a project until it goes. Not about to let a stupid piece of machinery beat me...unfortunately, people are much more frustrating, and a little more resistant to katster desperately trying to fit the last piece in. So I'm trying to deal with a slightly more complex situation in which somebody hurt me, and it's been part of a repeated pattern. And I'm trying to figure out how to deal with it. I'll get it figured out eventually. it's just tough.

'cause people are slightly more complex than VHS tapes, and slighly resistant at being prodded at with screwdrivers. :)

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