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five four three two MEME!

Swiped out of gridlore's mailbox when he wasn't looking...

10 people you'd like to spend more time with

9 things you're looking forward to

  • Graduating with a master's degree
  • Possibly moving to Canada
  • Living and marrying zibblsnrt
  • Christmas break
  • The 106th Big Game (Cal @Stanfurd, November 22, 2003)
  • Weekend after next (jillcaligirl's coming west! And we're going to be seeing Brother Bear!)
  • The end of the day
  • Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
  • zibblsnrt's possible trip out here in May

8 things that you wear daily

  • Birks
  • socks
  • jeans
  • t-shirt (usually tie-died or Cal shirts)
  • watch
  • glasses
  • Cal baseball cap
  • half a mitzpeh coin on a necklace

7 things that annoy you

  • My drippy faucet
  • My advisor
  • One True Wayism
  • Black and white world viewpoints
  • Arrogant assholes
  • People who tell me to "think happy thoughts" when I'm depressed
  • Bigots

6 things you touch every day

  • My bed
  • Macavity (my laptop)
  • My keys
  • My refrigerator
  • Books
  • My bedroom door

5 things you do every morning(well, okay, most mornings. Except the pill thing)

  • Curse at the alarm clock
  • Take my pills
  • Put my laptop in my backpack
  • Run out the door
  • Catch the bus

4 bands/groups you've seen live

  • Paul Simon/Bob Dylan
  • Great Big Sea
  • They Might Be Giants
  • DaVinci's Notebook

3 movies you could watch over and over

  • Mystery Men
  • Lord of the Rings trilogy (Okay, so the third movie's not out yet, but...)
  • A Beautiful Mind

2 of your favorite songs at the moment

  • "Amazing Things", Runrig
  • "September When It Comes", Roseanne Cash

1 person you could spend the rest of your life with

  • This is easy. Patrick (zibblsnrt), whom I love very very much

There are things I had to leave out, but you get the idea. :)


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