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past the halfway point.

hmmm...think I'll save fire weather redux for later, when I'm a bit more awake...

there's one personal goal I'd like to beat just once, even though it's extraordinarily bad for my mental health. And that is, after thirty one and a half hours awake, I can go on no further. I'd like to beat that record someday. And I noticed I've been awake eighteen hours today, so I'm more than halfway to the run. But I'm not gonna try it tonight, 'cause I need to be awake tomorrow.

been reading a really good book on the Mann Gulch Fire, that reminded me why I wanted to be a historian and a storyteller. Norman Maclean (you might know him as the guy that wrote A River Runs Through It) is an awesome storyteller. And that's what I'd like to do some day, is to find some obsession and see it all the way through to its conclusion. Some historical record, some tale to tell...something to assure that there's a piece of me left behind when I finally check out.

I'll talk more about it when I finish the book...

Anyway, that's kinda what's on my mind at the moment...assuring immortality through writing. Some dream...

I think I'll sleep now...

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