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Luns and I and this moment in time...

Luns and I were having a bit of a discussion about Canadian politics and the 'Unite the Right' talks, and the possibility of Mike Harris getting the PMship of Canada...and Luns said, "If you'd told me ten years ago that I'd care about Canadian politics, I'd have asked for some of what you're smoking." (Luns is from Toronto, for those not in the know.) And I said, "What, you didn't think you'd be sitting in a coffeshop in Berkeley discussing Canadian politics with an American?" And he laughed. And I said, a bit later in the convo, "Y'know, I think it took you coming to the States to make you realize you were a Canadian." And he agreed. :)

And later, he and I came up with this:

Day one: Mike Harris elected prime minister of Canada
Day two: Quebec seceeds.
Day three: Mike Harris becomes first assassinated prime minister of Canada.
Day four: Canadian graduate of UC Berkeley arrested. Claims he did it to 'keep Mike Harris from doing to my country what he did to my province"
Day five: Graduate student thanks people of Canada for not having the death penalty.
Day six: Alberta reinstates the death penalty...

...and so on, and so forth.

It was pretty amusing. %)

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