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Phone Post: pure randomness

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“Hi, this here's katster and this here's my voice. I'm testing the lj audioblog software to see how well it works. I'm currently routed through the Atlanta number, because there are no other numbers closer to me out here on the left coast, which is the wacky coast...which seems to be the forgotten coast, which is funny because Brad's from the west coast. Anyway, I'm just sitting here eating my sandwich and drinking my eggnog ... y'know, that's why I like the holidays, one of the big reasons, is because I love eggnog. But that's a digression. Anyway, I figured I'd test out the software and for all of you who don't want to listen to this, I will use the nifty, nifty transcribe feature! Then you'll be able to know what I said without listening to me. Isn't it *great*? Eh, anyway, I'll talk at y'all later. That's probably the right verb. Have a nice night.”

Transcribed by: katster

Yeah, I promise, if I use this feature, to use the transcribe feature as soon as I'm able to get to a computer. Because I know some of you don't want to deal with listening to this, and it makes it easier to search for me as well. :)

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