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729 yards of offense, breaking a school record. And our best blowout win of the season.

DateOpponentCal scoreOpponent scoreCal total scoreOpponent total score
8/23@ Kansas State28422842
8/30Southern Miss34 2 6244
9/6Colorado State2123 8367
9/11@ Utah2431 10798
9/20@ Illinois3124 138122
9/27USC3431 (3OT) 172153
10/4Oregon State2135 193188
10/18@UCLA2023 (OT) 213211
10/25Arizona42 14 255 225
11/1@ ASU5123 306 248
11/8@ Oregon1721 323269
11/15Washington547 377276
11/22106th Big Game @ Stanford
Cal Wins6Cal Total Score377
Cal Losses6Opp. Total Score276
Cal Avg Pts/game31.4Opp. Avg Pts/game23

Best line from the postgame report:
"Cal punted for the first time midway through the third quarter -- drawing loud cheers from the Huskies' faithful -- but Charles Frederick muffed the return to give the Bears the ball back at the 26."

Anyway, so it all comes down to this. One game, for the season. It's not only a game *we* have to win to go bowling, it's also a game that Stanford has to win, so there's not only pride and the Axe this year. It'll prolly be one of the most exciting Big Games I've been to, with the bowl game on the line for both teams.

C'mon, go bears!

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