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if this is what a real man is supposed to be, then I'm glad I'm not dating one.


Just got home. Did the cereal box interview with Luns, it took forever, I hope this isn't a bad omen. Granted, Luns was the first too, so...maybe that had something to do with it. I need to dig up where my tape recorder has disappeared too, because I'd be a lousy secretary.

I still need 5-7 more. If I can, if I can't then I'll go with three, but...this is hard in that there's next to no time to *do* the interviews. And with so much else on my plate...

I still fully intend to pull off at least three and possibly four, which I think will lead my team, but if you can volunteer and are somewhere in the East Bay or SF proper, let me know, and I'll bring my road show to you.


My right ankle's been hurting. Odd, because it was most definitely the left that twisted under me when I had the fall in the field tonight (there was mud both on the left front ankle of my jeans and the top of my foot, so you *know* the position the ankle was in *had* to have been painful).

Got some nice shots of the Campanile, though, and I'll put those up when I get a chance. It's Big Game Week, my most favourite week of the year. :)

time for katster to bug out. night, LJ world.

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