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Okay, this made me laugh...

So, you've seen this meme kicking around LJ, right?

Yeah, I randomly decided to see what happened when I plugged the right numbers in today. First I get a prompt from my quicktime "Do you want to upgrade?" I click no, and a song starts playing. I groan, 'cause I hate webpages that start playing music at me, until it suddenly dawns on me what the tune is.

So if you want to know what that site does on your birthday, it plays a midi of the Beatles, "Birthday", at you. This made me laugh.

So yeah, I'm a quarter-century old. Gah, fear, I'm getting old. :) Well, okay, technically I'm 24 for the next couple hours (wasn't born until 4:44 AM), but yeah. Dunno what I'll do to celebrate, though.
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