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on the whole, this was a good day.

<katster> Nothing much...just kinda thinking.
<Zibblsnrt> Ah.. penny for your thoughts?
<katster> They're worth more than that. ;)
<Zibblsnrt> :)
<Zibblsnrt> Ohwell, how much then? :)
<katster> Got your platnium Visa?

Zibby tossed me a whole slew of logs tonight, and I've been slowly reading through them. They're his privchat log with from back when I first joined #tjab to up to this evening. Reading through them has given me a new perspective on exactly what I went through in those days. Part of it being why I was so frustrated and depressed that summer before I was diagnosed (two hours on the net would do that).

But the best thing, from my point of view was to see exactly what happened in the semester from Hell. I'd blocked a lot of it. And pieces of humor, like the one I pasted above, are a welcome sight.

Thank you, Zibby, I needed that.


on another note, bought a book for psych class today. It's about birth order. I'll be saying more about that later...


Oh yeah, and for those of you who just have to know where I am... with pretty colors!


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