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So, my dream involved my multimedia class project. I missed Milestone #2 in my own stupidity, and now I'm going to fix that, but this dream...or I should say, nightmare.

Anyway, it started, I was in class, and I had a few rough sketches of what I wanted my project to look like, but nothing major. And I'm sitting next to Marc, and he grabs my rough sketches and starts going through them with commentary about how much crap they were and stuff, compared to some other things (people were bringing in finished projects). And he finally says, "These aren't acceptable." and I said, "I plan to redraw, these are just rough sketches." and he looks at me and says "In a half hour?" And I look at the clock and see that it's three, have a panic attack and flee the scene to the comfy chair in the basement. (Of course, navigating the stairs was interesting because of all the toys in the stairwell. The dream was taking place at South Hall, but it wasn't really South Hall by the floorplan, it was only that it had to be South Hall that it was, if that makes any sense.)

Anyway, I sit in my thinking chair in the basement for a bit, decide I'd been a bit of a brat, and went to go apologize. But Marc wasn't there, and neither was the person he brought in to co-grade. And finally, I see them, and I go to Marc and say "Can we talk?" And Marc says, "There's no time, class is starting." And I said, "After class?" And he said, "Sure."

And then I woke up.

I hate nightmares.

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