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Multimedia SUCKS!

Alright, I'll ask this question generally, since somebody might be of help.

I'm trying to design a possible library application for film clips, for high school students working on a video yearbook. And I'd like the metadata stored on each clip to be well thought out, if not exhaustive, and that's why I need this data. So if you were working on a project, and wanted data about a video clip or still shot, what would you want to know about the clips?

Here's what I have so far:
ClipTitle, CameraType, Filename, Still/Video, Audio, PlaceTaken, DateTaken, TimeTaken, Duration, Hierarchy (for Hierarchy viewing mode), TypeofShot, Wide/Close, Cameraperson, Resolution, WhosInShot, FileType, Codec, BitRate, Size, Quality, FPS, UseInProject, DescriptionofClip, CompressedVideo.

If you can think of any others, let me know. I won't ink my drawings until tomorrow morning, and adding things to the database shouldn't be a big deal. Thanks.

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