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<Luns> This is going to end up in your blog, isn't it?

Anyway, Luns and I went to see RotK. They stuck us in the Imax theatre at the Metreon, but just projected it normalsize on the Imax screen Which was actually pretty nice even though we were in the second row...

It was *everything* it was hyped to be. There's a cool Gandalf move that I'm thinking I'm going to incorporate into a story at some point, and my friends have demanded Katze (my jihad character -- for those of you who don't know what the jihad is, it's a long complicated story) do Legolas-style bow fu at some point. But that's enough of that.

The best part was, of course, was the after-movie conversation.

<Luns> They had more WMDs than Iraq.
<me> And starring George "Frodo" Bush...

<Luns> So, that scene at the gates of Mordor, were those the weapons inspectors?
<me> And also starring Saddam "Sauron" Hussein...
<Luns> Well, they sure found 'em
<me> Sauron's been a very bad boy...

<Luns> And I didn't understand that part at the end with Frodo and the elves. Why were they so sad?
<me> Well, Frodo was leaving them.
<Luns> I thought they were just going on vacation
<me> No, the elves aren't coming back
<Luns> Sure they do, eventually.
<me> Yeah, the machines take over the world and they say, "Elrond Half-Elf, how would you like to be our security system..."

The short. I clapped, I cheered, I absolutely loved. And stay for the credits, they're just stunningly beautiful. :)

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