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i'm wondering if this is a wise decision...


the apartment is nowhere near clean, I am nowhere near packed, and my overriding thought is 'bathtub'.

I am stressed to the max. And I think I'm going to take an extra day in Oakland to clean the place up and get myself together. The recent news of what's going on in my family is making me rather upset, and jillcaligirl's reaction to the news from up north is to demand that I get myself together *now* and head north. (To be fair, she's technically my ride home, I usually train out to Davis and then catch a lift home with her.)

I need the extra day, to the point I'll tell my sister to drive home herself and I'll be up on my own come Sunday.

it's about all I can do. it's either that or make myself useless for two weeks because I've just dug too deep in my energy reserves.
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